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No more hiding, pretending, or silently struggling. You can Transform your life!

For women desiring specific  personal growth information and guidance for unresolved issues regarding childhood sexual abuse and other traumas. A truly holistic approach of body, mind and soul, that will make your life fuller in meaning, deeper in relationships, spiritually connected and successful in purpose.

Thriving after Surviving


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One-on-one discussion.
It’s time to connect to your higher self. Our society is in need of a deep, compassionate, and fulfilling conversation that will bring light into your life and release the fears, doubt and hidden inner shame that infiltrates your mind. There is an inner tug-of-war between the real you and the disempowering beliefs that control you.

How do  you know that fear, doubt and inner shame are running your life? Watch your behavior, habits, your thoughts, look at your surroundings, the people you call friends, and the family that you were raised in. Think of the dreams and goals you desire that remain unfulfilled.

*Here at Women’s Growth Network it is my desire that you find this site a safe place to land. A place where you can find intelligent information and guidance, as well as ethereal and spiritual help that will guide you to dismantling the old patterns of shame and disempowering beliefs. It is possible to make a transition of transformation toward the real person you truly are instead of living a life that is controlled by an embedded sabotaging belief system: To Thrive not just survive.


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A platform of help toward healing and true guidance, with a sense of community, is Women’s Growth Netwok’s goal for you.

An estimated 45,000,000 women in the United States, alone, and over one billion in the world, have been effected by childhood sexual abuse or have been sexually accosted or assaulted at some point in their life. It is because of this, Women’s Growth Network was created.
You no longer need to suffer in silence, to pretend or ignore the issue.


Making a change in how this subject is approached is Women’s Growth Networks over all goal.

Women’s Growth Network is about abolishing any humiliation or shame that you feel about your experience of abuse that effects the way you live your life. Did you know that most women never really get the help they desire because of the humiliation they feel about reaching out? Many cannot afford ongoing counseling or therapy or even connect with the impersonal websites that are out there for help.

Many choose to ignore or pretend that the abuse ever happened believing if they do not think about it that it will not effect them. And we know nothing can be further from the truth. It shows up all day long 24/7 in our thinking, in our relationships, behaviors, and in how we see ourselves, others, and world. It has a far reaching impact that is not healthy, and many are not even aware until they seek out real answers. The good news is, there is a far reaching impact of help, hope, guidance and education that can lead to an amazing transformation in you life.
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With WGN, you will find understanding as to how to remove the self sabotaging behaviors and start fulfilling your life’s purpose. It is my desire that you are informed, and be educated in healing processes in order to transform your life. When taking in this precise and compassionate information you will begin to transcend the problems that keep you, subconsciously, chained to the past.