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Maryalice Coleman is the creator of the Change Your Aim Change, Your Life Workshop and Inner-Life Coach, Mentor and workshop leader. Her passion, compassion, and effectiveness in supporting women around the globe, to heal their lives and fulfill their dreams, comes from her own profound recovery from the pain of childhood sexual, verbal, and physical abuse and the effects of living merely by “default.”

In addition to her university degree in applied psychology, Marylice has an extensive background in the literature and processes that promote personal development. She is also current with the leading-edge research into neuro-plasticity and the brain’s capacity to outgrow limiting patterns that developed in response to trauma.

Through formative experiences, a lifelong pursuit of personal growth and development, and many years of facilitating support groups, mentoring and coaching, she has created a process of compassionate, empathetic, and focused coaching.
With 20 years experience, her in depth workshop and coaching, helps educate, and inspire women from the inside out, lending to dynamic, transformational personal growth and development.

Maryalice currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she finds great delight in painting, decorating, reading, walking the trails, and continual engagement in personal growth. She loves spending time with her children, their families, and beloved grandchildren whenever possible, affirming that her friends and family are her utmost blessings.