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Maryalice conducts workshops on a local level or can travel when invited to share her six hour workshop.  If you would like more information on the workshop, and the investment, please get in touch here.
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Maryalice conducts private two day “intensives” with up to four women at a time. This process is catered to the individual and goes deep into personal issues, goals, relationship, career, passions, and self love. For more information and investment, please get in touch here.
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Maryalice is also available for private weekly coaching via phone, skype or even email. For more information, and to see if she is a good fit for your goals, please get in touch here
Maryalice uses her gift of deep intuition, along with her education, experience and passion to enlighten and help transform those who truly desire change in their lives.

With 21 years experience and a passion to help people THRIVE not just survive, Maryalice is the person to work with.